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Originally created as Liberty County Rural Fire Prevention District , the Liberty County Emergency Service District No. 3, was created by popular vote in 1993. Liberty County ESD No. 3 is home to an estimated population of approximately 5,000 residents. Both the population and number of homes are expected to grow with the construction of The Grand Parkway (SH 99) in Liberty County.


Emergency Services Districts (ESDs) are authorized by the Texas Constitution, Article 3, Section 48-e, and Chapter 775 of the Texas Health & Safety Code. ESDs are political subdivisions of the State of Texas. They may support or provide local emergency services, including emergency medical services, emergency ambulance services, rural fire prevention and control services, and other emergency services authorized by the Texas Legislature. ESDs may collect a sales and use tax and/or property taxes to support or provide these services.

While ESD tax revenues may be used to hire full-time emergency personnel, Liberty County ESD No.  3 contracts with the Liberty County ESD 3 Volunteer Fire Department and provides a stable funding source for the department. This funding means that the Department may focus its time on the provision of emergency services and training rather than fund-raising. 

Liberty County Emergency Services District No. 3 is governed by a board of five commissioners who are appointed by Liberty County Commissioners Court. The commissioners are dedicated to the fiscal stewardship of taxpayer dollars in supporting the brave men and women who volunteer their time in service to the community. Liberty County Emergency Services District No. 3 meets on the second Thursday of each month, at 7:00 p.m., at the Liberty County ESD No. 3 Volunteer Fire Department Building, located at 8704 FM 1409, Dayton, Texas. The public is invited to these open meetings.

Board of Commissioners 

Denny Loonam (President)                    936-346-5173 

Robert Johns (Vice President)                   936-402-4098  

Len Jones (Treasurer)                                 936-258-3011


Dustin Hatcher (Asst. Treasurer)               936-776-9808

Kathy Warner (Secretary)                        832-423-2786

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